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A mysterious figure was flying near the planes over Los Angeles. The case is handled by the FBI

In the published video, we can see an object that resembles a man with a jetpack. Several companies in the world are working on such inventions and even use them often, but this time the object was moving quite fast and the flight took place at an altitude of about 1500 meters.

More Airbus A380s, the largest passenger planes in the world, go to the junkyard

However, it will not end with these few copies. The commercial aviation industry is no longer interested in such large, less ecological and expensive machines. The future is smaller machines with highly efficient propulsion and much longer reach, and with supersonic speeds. Such planes are expected to appear in the sky this year.

Apple's electric car is not fiction. Hyundai quietly helps in the project

We have been hearing about the AppleCar project, which is a very efficient and conceptually interesting vehicle from a famous company that is famous around the world for its smartphones, for many years. Recently, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, admitted that a few years ago he wanted to sell his company to Apple, but its boss, Tim Cook, was not interested. Interestingly, it was funny money back then.

Father of the global network creates 2.0. It will be as it should be from the beginning

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web technology on March 12, 1989, but it was only a few years later that CERN made possible the Internet as we know it today: the open web. At that time, the World Wide Web (WWW) technology was made available for free and without a license, along with the first browser and source code. Most young users of the global web will probably be shocked by its simplicity, but that was the beginning. Of course, competing technologies such as WAIS or Gopher already existed at that time, but it was this simplicity and openness of the World Wide Web that allowed the Web to develop so rapidly, which made the Internet change beyond recognition, and today most of us cannot imagine without it. everyday life.

Exactly every 8 years, these millipedes block the tracks in Japan. Why is this happening?

Every 8 years, tracks in Japan are literally blocked by the invasion of millipedes, which have even been nicknamed "train" for this reason. Working together, these small creatures (about 3 cm long), which play a huge role in the nitrogen cycle in the local larch forests, simply make the trains stop. Until now, however, scientists were not sure what causes such behavior and why it occurs with such regularity - after 50 years of research, we finally got to know the answer, namely Parafontaria laminata armigera, because this is the species we are talking about, characterized by an exceptional 8-year cycle life. This is an extremely exciting discovery for the scientific community, because so far the only known perennial species with such a long life cycle were perennial cicadas.

One in five middle-aged adults has mental health problems

British research in this area is based on the post-war period and takes into account three different age groups, i.e. born in 1946 (NSHD data), 1958 (NCDS data) and 1970 (BCS70 data), whose life and health were monitored and analyzed for many years. Thanks to this, we gain insight into what the mental health issue looked like at different times, and we learn that the peak of mental problems is in the so-called middle age, somehow overlapping with the still insufficiently researched midlife crisis. Mental health in adolescents and the elderly seems to attract more attention than problems of this nature in middle-aged people, although adults are prone to mental problems during this period of their lives, explains Dawid Gondek of University College London (UCL).

Are New iPhones Dangerous For People With Pacemakers? Here is the proof

iPhones from the 12 series, i.e. the basic, mini, Pro and Pro Max versions, as well as one of their biggest novelties, i.e. MagSafe magnetic accessories, can interfere with the operation of medical devices, or at least this is the official entry on the manufacturer's website. As we can read in it: - iPhone contains magnets as well as components and radio modules that emit electromagnetic fields. All MagSafe accessories also contain magnets, and the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Dual Charger contain radio modules. These magnets and electromagnetic fields can interfere with the operation of medical devices.

The Chinese present a magnetic missile train that will accelerate to 620 km / h

The Japanese can boast of having the fastest train in the world, regularly plying between cities, while the Chinese are working intensively on their missile train. Such rapid development of the project can be envied by companies from all over the world, and even those involved in the construction of the Hyperloop technology.

What the one when you can have two Starship ships. SpaceX is getting ready for prototype flights

The SN9 was due to fly a few days ago, but SpaceX was denied the flight approval because the FAA said the company had not provided all documentation, and officials found the SN8 flight anomaly. The agency opened an investigation into this. In the case of SN9, the FAA is concerned that slight damage to a vehicle in the hangar could result in a tactile disaster. Then the vehicle would be a threat to local residents.

Xiaomi presents the revolutionary Mi Air Charge distance charging technology

We already have fast chargers that allow you to charge smartphone batteries at an unprecedented speed, but manufacturers are still striving to improve another charging technology. Of course, we are talking about wireless charging, which will not require putting the phone on a special station, which makes this process similar to classic charging, but without cables. And it looks like Xiaomi has succeeded, although, as always with such innovations, we have no guarantees that the presented prototypes will turn into consumer products.

How to help the fish overcome difficult areas? With… the salmon launcher

Today we learn that the second version of the Salmon Launcher is entering the use, it has been improved and offers several key advantages. Whooshh Innovations based in Seattle is responsible for creating the Whooshh Passage Portal, because it is really called. How does it work? The system consists of a flexible plastic tube and a motorized air pump - one part of the tube is located at the bottom of the river and the other above the water, allowing the transport of fish through blocked or extremely difficult parts. Interestingly, the system was originally designed to load fish onto trucks or to a hatchery, but back then it had some drawbacks, such as the need to manually load the fish, which were then "fired" at a speed of 5-10 m / s.

Xiaomi showed a futuristic smartphone with a waterfall display

Xiaomi has plenty of concepts for the smartphones of the future. We've already seen folding devices, with a built-in solar panel or completely wrapped with flexible displays. Now, however, it's time for something more down-to-earth, yet still innovative and practical. Something that may eventually appear on sale.

There are 8 more launches of SpaceX's more powerful Falcon Heavy rocket ahead of us, 4 this year

All fans of SpaceX, Elon Musk and the space industry are already looking forward to the first space flight of the starship and the SuperHeavy rocket. Before this happens, however, we will see a few more flights of the most powerful rocket currently at SpaceX's disposal in the sky and is currently used in the global space industry.