Xiaomi showed a futuristic smartphone with a waterfall display The Chinese company has a habit of shocking the world of mobile devices with futuristic projects. A year ago it was the Mi Mix Alpha and now it is a smartphone with an amazing waterfall display.

Xiaomi has plenty of concepts for the smartphones of the future. We've already seen folding devices, with a built-in solar panel or completely wrapped with flexible displays. Now, however, it's time for something more down-to-earth, yet still innovative and practical. Something that may eventually appear on sale.

This is a flexible display that overlaps each edge at an 88-degree angle. No producer has presented such technology yet, but everything indicates that such a solution can be adopted. Why? Because important notifications can be displayed on the side edges, without having to touch and turn on the device.

But this is not the end of innovation. The WebNews.pro Xiaomi smartphone represents absolute minimalism, so it does not have any physical buttons or ports. The manufacturer focuses on new technologies of super-fast wireless charging and gesture control. It has to be admitted that the company offers smartphones equipped with the world's fastest charging systems, both wired and wireless, but MIUI offers a lot of configuration options.

On board an innovative device from China, we will also find the latest version of a selfie camera hidden under the screen, eSIM or pressure sensors. For now, Xiaomi has not said if and when the smartphone will go on sale, but we can expect that the technologies used in it will definitely appear in new smartphones this year. Perhaps a device with a waterfall display will manifest itself as the new flagship of the Mi MIX series?