The Chinese present a magnetic missile train that will accelerate to 620 km / h The Middle Kingdom again surprises the world with its next project, under which the country is to build a super-fast railway network. In a few years, missile trains will carry passengers at a speed of 620 km / h.

The Japanese can boast of having the fastest train in the world, regularly plying between cities, while the Chinese are working intensively on their missile train. Such rapid development of the project can be envied by companies from all over the world, and even those involved in the construction of the Hyperloop technology.

Unlike the Japanese Shinkansen, which currently have speeds of up to 400 km / h, trains belonging to China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) are expected to easily exceed 640 km / h. The vehicle is made in the Maglev technology, i.e. it does not move on the rails, but only hovers over them, thanks to a phenomenon known as magnetic levitation. It is due to the use of the latest generation of high-temperature superconductors. It must be emphasized here that the train will not run in tubes like the Hyperloop.

Chinese state railways have been developing the project for over 4 years. The prototype train is still in the testing phase. According to the plan, in just two years it will start regularly operating between the two most important industrial centers, namely the Beijing-Shanghai route. Currently, it takes about 5.5 hours to cover this route by fast trains. Meanwhile, the missile train will cut this time to just 3.5 hours.

However, this is not the end of ambitious projects of the Middle Kingdom. In the coming years, the authorities want to connect all regions of the country and ensure the possibility of quick movement between key metropolises. That is why the authorities focus on Maglev and Hyperloop technologies. Let us remind you that the luxurious Hyperloop capsules are to carry around 80 passengers at one go and reach speeds of over 1,200 km / h.

According to initial plans, the first 10-kilometer Hyperloop line will be built in Tongren, Guizhou Province, and then two more, 15 kilometers each. There, the engineers intend to test their technologies, which can later be implemented also in other parts of Its Science club as well as in America and Europe.

Ultimately, the Chinese want to build the entire railway network of the future, linking the largest urban complexes and world trade centers. The system is to complement the network of high-speed railways, which in this country offer journeys of 300-350 km / h.

Interestingly, some time ago, the Chinese also initiated a project called HyperFlight, behind which there is a supersonic railway, which will offer journeys at speeds of up to 4,000 km / h. The first test track is to be built in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and to be built by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.