Father of the global network creates 2.0. It will be as it should be from the beginning Recent events with the censorship of Donald Trump and support for the BLM riots on major social networks have shown that the Internet needs big changes to return to its founders' roots and intent.

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web technology on March 12, 1989, but it was only a few years later that CERN made possible the Internet as we know it today: the open web. At that time, the World Wide Web (WWW) technology was made available for free and without a license, along with the first browser and source code. Most young users of the global web will probably be shocked by its simplicity, but that was the beginning. Of course, competing technologies such as WAIS or Gopher already existed at that time, but it was this simplicity and openness of the World Wide Web that allowed the Web to develop so rapidly, which made the Internet change beyond recognition, and today most of us cannot imagine without it. everyday life.

The Father of WWW decided to express his opinion about the present form of the global network. Unfortunately, he spares no bitter words about her, and in fact the corporations that are responsible for how badly she is now. According to Berners-Lee, the Internet looks tragic because it has been taken over by several giants who shape it according to their preferences and business models. As if that was not enough, thanks to him they world wire censorship and have a monopoly on the only right truth, while pacifying competition, considering its actions as hate speech.

He blames, inter alia, Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon for activities that lead to the decline of development, the emergence of difference and innovation in the global network and in the world of technology. Corporations have taken over or eliminated many valuable websites or blogs from the resources of a huge treasury of knowledge, and in return they serve us ideas copied from one another, which leads to stagnation. The same goes for technology and new appliances, which are actually reheated chops or just bits.

Worst of all, they have a monopoly on creating a fictitious vision of reality with their applications, services and projects that corresponds to their sick ideology. Unfortunately, it is geared only to market globalization, the desire for profit and unlimited power. The richest people in the world, who are behind the largest corporations, have given themselves the right to judge what is true and what is false, what is freedom of speech and what is hate speech.

There is no objectivity here. On a massive scale, they supported BLM movements on their websites and media, which led to riots in many US cities, the death of many people and the creation of material losses for tens of millions of dollars. But once conservative circles were manifesting outside the Capitol, they suddenly began to consider promoting them as hate speech and massively blocking them on social networks, including Donald Trump.

Tim Berners-Lee has already brought to life a team of specialists from the world of Internet technologies, representatives of corporations and governments, and artists to create a new vision of the development of the Internet. The first fruits of their work is a project called Solid. Its idea is to create the so-called Pods, i.e. places where every Internet user will be able to keep confidential information that will be only under his control. Everyone will be able to decide what data they want and with whom.

You might think that cybercriminals or corporations will steal this data anyway, but now our data is practically scattered on the streets and everyone has free access to it, so Solid is something that will change this sad reality for the better. Of course, it will not be an easy task, as Big Tech will defend itself and reach for the highest caliber cannons, but let's not lose hope. If you are interested in this project, you can find more information below in the news source.